All of us face this major problem of overheating laptops and face many other difficulties followed by overheating. Overheating not only affects the hardware components but are also liable to damage the internal components that slows down the process and functionality. In addition, it also gets shut down amidst you attempting your important work. Overheating comes with several work daunting problems. But, when you bring it to us at TechBar, you will surely get a high-class service from our skillful team of technicians.

Also, a constant overheating issue can lead to burns and other threatening problems. So, it is essential to keep your laptop as cool as possible. Though, there are many causes of a overheating laptop, here are some of the basic causes of overheating laptop that you can relate with your laptop overheating:

  • Dirt in the Exhaust vents

The exhaust vents are located on the sides of a laptop and possibly some laptops have exhaust vents at the back. Dirt clusters in exhaust vents can be one of the main reasons of overheating. The dirt clogs air vents in the laptop that restricts the heating to shed away from the laptop. The solution is to keep your laptop dust-free and clean it on a daily basis.

  • Temperature of the room

Another reason can be the room temperature. It is possible that your laptop cannot accommodate with room temperature that results in heating up. A warmer temperature increases the heat constantly. To get rid of the heaty temperature of your room, you can shift your location or try to make your existing room cooler.

  • Overcharging laptops

One of the most common reasons that we don’t even realize is “overcharging’. It is often that we overcharge our laptops to get ensured battery backup, that’s where we lack. Actually, overcharging produces more heat that slows down the process and performance of the laptop. If you have this bad habit, try to abolish such a daunting habit as soon as possible.

  • Unsuited operating system

Nowadays, there are less complaints about overheating due to upgrading or installing a new operating system. But, it has been seen that fewer laptops can leave this cause. So, you should also keep checking and detecting this cause. We at, TechBar have compassionate and accomplished technicians to solve this problem and give a durable fix to your laptop.

  • Improper placement of laptop

There can be another reason, that you probably placed your laptop at a wrong place where the exhaust vents can suffer due to no airflow around them. The correct placement of your laptop is on a hard and clean surface with complete ventilation that lets the airflow in. There are many equipments such as laptop stands and cooling pads that has a built in tray to assist the laptop with the airflow.

Whether it’s a laptop or computer, every electronic item needs a proper care and supervision. But, this is also true that machines get damage at some point, where TechBar is all along with you to fix your any laptop or other electronic gadget issues. To avail the service, contact us now.