In this digital era, a laptop has increasingly become more popular among corporate staff and students for a multitude of reasons. A laptop comes almost with the same components as a desktop, including keyboard, display, pointing device such as mouse, trackpad, trackball, stylus, etc. into a single unit. In the recent years with the transformation in the industry dynamics, laptops surpassed desktops, tablets, and smartphones aside and became the focus of the digital market.

When it comes to purchasing a new computer, many people are so used to working on a desktop that they overlook other options. Below are some solid reasons to stick with a laptop over the desktop:


A laptop comes in small dimensions as compared to a desktop computer and that’s the reason why the branding company makes the keyboard different and convenient from that of a desktop. Your typing speed usually increases while working on laptop keyboards. Also, accessing the keys on the laptop is easier and different from the keys on a desktop.


Mobility is the ability to work easily and freely, and this is the best advantage that comes with the laptop. Today, laptops have completely transformed the working style of business sectors and with every  new device it gets lighter and slimmer which makes it mobile. Most corporate workers are attracted to laptops because of this reason. One of the main reasons for the accomplishment of business sectors, nowadays is the ability to work from any location and anytime.  


A laptop provides you the power of multitasking, one of the must-have characteristics of today’s generation.It feels great to relax in the room with the laptop, working on some important assignment or presentation, while watching your favorite movie on television. You no longer have to sit in a lonely, small room to complete your important assignment or other tasks.


A laptop uses far less energy than a desktop computer and is highly power efficient. A laptop uses only 20 to 30 W of electricity. This is quite beneficial for enterprises that use more than a hundred of laptops in their office.  Also, you can use a charged laptop for a few hours, whether electricity supply is available or not .


A laptop can be easily carried anywhere unlike a desktop computer.  You can work on a laptop at office or home as per your convenience. As laptops are light in weight, you can carry them to any place you go, it can use during long commuting hours by bus or another mode of transportation.


As you can carry your laptop anywhere with you, time does not get wasted and you can get more work done. For example, a college student can finish his assignment in his free time between lectures or an office employee can go through emails during long traveling hours. Laptops intend to facilitate this necessity.

To conclude, these are the six reasons why you should prefer buying a laptop over desktop computer. We at Techbar can assist you to set up a new laptop, repair a laptop, a broken phone or help you learn how to use device better.