The internet world is evolving at a rapid speed every day. With more than millions of files and programs getting uploaded and downloaded every minute, malware and viruses have become a constant threat. Many users overlook this threat, ¬†thereby believing that their system won’t be attacked, while many are not even aware of them. It’s always important to learn as much as you can about viruses and malware before they create severe issues in your laptop or PC and the data and information in it.

Getting aware of the virus and malware attacks is an essential safety point to keep in mind when using a laptop. If you are receiving strange error messages, mysterious ads popping out when browsing or your system has slowed down, chances are there might be a possibility that your laptop is infected with a virus.

There are several helpful ways to keep malware and viruses at the bay from your laptop. If you are thinking about the ways to keep your laptop virus free, there are few ways that can always keep your laptop functioning like new.


Getting a good antivirus software installed is one of the best means for protecting your laptop or computer from getting affected by a virus or malware. An antivirus program protects the overall system from several unwanted and illegals codes and software that could possibly create a big threat to your laptop. Random software that includes virus, keyloggers and Trojans can slow down the computing operation and delete random files and can even breach the private data and other files.

In order to keep your laptop or PC virus free, getting an Antivirus installed is a good option when using the system. An Antivirus software can also prevent your device from any prospective virus attacks or threats.


Because the browser is one of the places where users surf the web, turning on the browser security settings can help in protecting you from downloading a virus unintentionally. Don’t ever save any kind of passwords or never grant any permission on the website, because browsers these days are advanced enough to determine out for themselves which websites are safe or unsafe to attack.


While exchanging files or other private information on the internet or among colleagues or friends, oftentimes unknowingly you can pass on a virus with the attached files. Be careful before using any kind of hard disk or pen drives. Always scan these devices properly in order to maintain the security and safety of our system. This is one of the crucially important safety points that should be kept in mind when using a laptop or PC.

With the above-mentioned tips, you should be able to keep your laptop or computer system completely viruses and malware free. In case your laptop does get infected with a virus, consider bringing it us at Tech Bar for a professional inspection.