“The Bad Move”

You’re working on a long essay project that is due today, staring at the screen crunched with words. Your eyes pace back and forth over the screen, editing on the fly in your head as you read hours worth of work. You need to change position – you grab the corner of the screen with one hand and drag your laptop to the couch, hoping the change of scenery will bring new life to your thoughts. This move is common when you enter the open spaces away from the cluttered desk of your dorm room.

Do you recognize what just happened? Computer Screen Repair Miami would suggest a different way to handle your machine. Even premium laptops with extra shielding over the screen can be taken down by this gross mishandling of the computer screen, causing damage to the pixels, thus rendering that area of the computer screen dead. The dreaded dead pixel disease can happen just by grabbing and holding the corner of your computer screen. The suggested way to move your computer would be as common as you think; close the lid, and from the front or back pick the machine up and move it to its desired new location. Another common way to move your machine would be to slightly close the lid and hold each side of the computer while you change its location.

There are many ways your computer screen can come under fire because of mishandling, and being damaged because of an aggressive one-handed move is an all too common one.

“The Finger is the problem”

Individuals have been known to drag their finger down the screen while explaining the meaning of the image. The difference of course when they used their finger to explain the image the first time was it wasn’t on a computer screen; it was on a piece of paper, not an LED.

One way to handle your screen would be both hands, less aggressive finger pointing at the screen, and of course, keeping liquid and heat away from the screen would also be a plus. The screen can be damaged by the littlest of things, you need to be careful to not mishandle it, put things next to your screen that may be too hot or have magnets in them.

If you have a computer and it has been mishandled with current damage to your screen, Computer Screen Repair Miami can help. Habits can be hard to break, and your screen may break because of your bad habits, which could include heat, liquid, or a magnet. Let Computer Screen Repair Miami help, so you can continue working on those long essays and not fall behind. Laptops maybe getting faster and smaller, but the way we behave in the world is a slower change, and breaking bad habits; well that may never happen. So let’s repair your problem, and you can continue working on solutions to your opportunities.