Hi, I’m Ivan Mladenovic, the Chief Tech at TechBar. When I started TechBar in 2009, I wanted to create a retail location where individuals could get help with their technology. But what does that mean “get help with their technology?” Our primary focus is on fixing devices that don’t work, or don’t work the way you want them to. This can mean computer repair, phone repair, tablet repair, laptop repair, pc repair, and a variety of other devices. Also, we help configure devices so they work the way you want them too. This could be adjusting your iPhone settings, helping you setup a cloud backup for your laptop, or assisting in the setup of your iCloud so all your Apple devices sync together. We also do disaster recovery, when your most important information is stuff on a hard drive, and you need it right away. Finally, in addition to doing these services in our shop in South Miami, we also service customer’s homes. This might be setting up a new wireless networking, getting a printer connected to the all the family computer, or troubleshooting issues with internet or wireless connectivity.

Whatever it is, TechBar is here for you: to provide an exceptional customer experience for repair and service.

You have my promise.

Ivan Mladenovic, Chief Tech