How an iPhone Dies

If you see the green streaks of death it means your phone is done. But if you merely have trouble connecting to a wireless network that means you have to shut the phone on and off. South Beach iPhone Repair can help you fix your phone if you do not have the skills. You occasionally need to restart your iPhone by turning it on, waiting a few seconds, then turning it off. With regard to iPhone 8 or earlier, you press and hold the top or side button as well as the Home button. The Apple Logo then turns back on while you release both buttons.

Quick Fixes You Can Try

In order to rest the iPhone settings, you tap General, Reset and Reset All Settings although your data will not be erased. We value being able to complete repairs to your phone on the same day. South Beach iPhone Repair will be able to help keep that phone of yours functional. Because then you have to drop it off, mail it in, or we can come to you. iPhone Repair South Beach will do what we can, including restoring your iPhone which can be done by selecting iPhone to your computer as though you were about to sync it, and then you select iPhone in the iTunes list while clicking the Restore button on the Summary tab.

The Last Resort

When restoring your phone, it is important to remember that you have a backup on your computer because you keep your data and media on iCloud. Your next syncing will seem to take longer as you have to reset the settings that you’ve changed since purchasing your iPhone. Your media and data files should not be affected. Calendar events, as well as new contacts, should reappear after the system restore.

When All Hope Is Lost

iPhones sometimes die for no reason at all. When this happens, it is best to get a new phone. South Beach iPhone Repair, from, believes that the quality of the original repair has to be backed by a limited lifetime warranty. TechBarMiami has the best technicians working at TechBarMiami. Smartphones get dropped on concrete, which can break the screen, but it can also be exposed to water. An iPhone is destroyed in many different ways, and iPhone Repair South Beach can help.

iPhone Repair Guide

Some water-damaged phones can be restored, but not all of them. iPhone Repair South Beach knows about how to fix water damage may be the end of the road. We are able to recover data in order to restore it to another device. You have to replace a charger port if it has issues syncing to a computer. We can also repair microphone and speaker problems. We will attempt to recover the data on your phone while we can also repair your screen if that is necessary. Repairing the iPhone battery requires you remove the front panel assembly. Bring in your iPhone to see what we can do for it.