Nowadays computer security has become quite important. People store a large number of important files or documents containing sensitive data and information on their computers. Do you lock your laptop or computer while you are not at your desk? Whether you get up for a washroom break, lunch break or group meeting, leaving your computer system unlocked can be dangerous for you and for the organization you work in. It has been found that most of the cases of data theft take place due to improper security measures. One of the smartest ways to avoid data theft is by locking your system in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Below listed are a few solid reasons why locking your computer system when you walk away is a good idea.


Your computer is your personal property and what you choose to do with it or inside it is nobody else’s business. With an unlocked system, you are giving access to anyone who passes by to your files, these could be the password, personal files or other documents. By putting the lock on your computer, you can stop authorized people to access your computer system. Also, by doing this you can protect important files and email conversations that you had with your clients or friends. Not locking your system leaves that confidential information to people who access it.


Your unlocked computer system is like you are inviting  access to your documents, files whether public, confidential or personal to unauthorized individuals. In simple words, an unauthorized person can easily gain access to your system and can remove, alter or even share your information or data from your system to other. But don’t worry! As locking your computer right after being used can prevent such incidents from taking place.


Just imagine this for a moment, you are working hard on an important document or presentation that needs to be completed by the end of the day.  You get up for a washroom break, something that takes just a few minutes, you don’t lock your computer system or forget to save your work. But when you get back to your desk, your colleague wanted to get on your system and logged you out, well now your important document is gone now. However, if your computer had been locked, your hard work would have been saved. For the next time, doing a quick CTRL plus S on the keyboard and locking your computer will ward off this dangerous risk.

So, now you have all the best reasons why you should lock your computer.


In order to lock your computer system when not in use, just press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together on the keyboard.

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